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Construction progress

Investment opportunity 

Apartment complex with building permission and guaranteed income of 6% p.a.

«Double Triangle»

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

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General information

The developer of the project is “STING" group of companies. There is a land plot which is located on Stara Kysibelska st. in close proximity to the resort area of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 10 minutes’ walk from the tourisitic city centre.

The land plot is located in the zone of current building.
The apartment complex "Double Triangle" consists of two buildings of a variable number of storeys (8 and 11 floors) in the form of triangles with rounded corners. Also they are connected with a passageway at the level of the 7-th floor

16.887,87 sq.m

Total area of apartment complex

9 548 sq.m

Net living area

656.1 sq.m

Commercial area


parking places

Main investment opportunity points

Double Triangle

Building permit has bee received

Perfect location 

Building process has already started

Unique piece of design & architecture

Unique piece of design & architecture

Within the pre-sales 18% of apartments are sold 

We offer two options of cooperation

Direct participation in project

Equity partner

  • min.investment – form 1 mln EUR;
  • the form of participation – buy out  of the 49% business share depending on the amount of investment;
  • the guaranteed minimum income-6% APR within 36 months + quarterly payout of dividends to the investor’s operating account;
  • the next income with APR 8% during 48th and 60th month
  • 10-30% of the project profits depending on the amount of investment  
  • reduced tax for non-resident on the attracted investment-10% from the income sum
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Targeted funding with the real estate guarantee

  • minimum investment - 0.5 million euros;
  • registration of the loan agreement
  • the guaranteed income-6% APR within 36 months
  • reduced tax for non-resident on the attracted investment-10% from the income sum

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This section provides key figures of the project. For more detailed information contact us and we will provide a full report of the project!

5,5 mln. €

Profit before taxes

12,9 mln. €

Total construction costs

18,4 mln. €

Net cash income (NV)

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The project of apartment complex

Development of the project documentation is performed by the famous Czech architect bureau "Bokota Bursik. Architectural solutions of this apartment complex are unique. Part of the faсade has panoramic glazing, which in the last decade wins the heart of buyers.
The project documentation is developed in accordance with all local regulations and meets the modern requirements of fire safety.
Construction of the apartment complex will consist of monolithic and brick frame.

The apartment complex is going to be equipped with the most modern engineering equipment that will allow owners to gain a sense of safety and harmony.


Taking into account that this apartment complex is located in the existing buildings, the tenants will be able to use the current infrastructure in the zone of walking distance (10 minutes).
The kindergarten, the school, the gymnasium, the main city hospital, grocery supermarkets, furniture stores, plumbing and electronics shops, hunting and jewelry shops, etc. are situated near the future apartment complex.

Completion of the project

2017 (3 quarter)

Building construction starts

2019 г. (1 quarter)

Completion of both buildings

Project progress


since the middle of March preparatory works on the construction site are carried out.


since April, 2012 the changing of all communications on the construction site have started, that ended at the end of 2013.


October, all the necessary construction enabling documentation is received


August, the construction of circular motion which is adjacent to the construction site was begun


3rd quarter, the construction of one or two buildings of the "Double Triangle" is scheduled.


В in the 1st quarter the completion of construction of two buildings is planned

About STING group of companies 

The group of companies STING is a large, successful and financially stable company offering a wide range of quality services related to the real estate in Europe.
We are working on the large territory of Czech Republic through a network, that consists of 39 branches and two branch offices in the Slovak Republic.

STING company operates on the market since 1997, that makes it one of the most perennial companies, which works with the real estate at the sufficiently young Czech real estate market.

During this time tens of thousands of real estate objects has been sold that vividly demonstrates the experience in this area.

The value of the sold properties for the entire branch network is nearly sixty billions of CZK.
Our educational centre STING Academy organizes one hundred training courses per year.

Experienced brokers pass the certification. Within it they pass professional examinations in law, taxation and construction, as well as after its passing they receive the certificate.

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+ 420 775 345 747, E-mail: property@rksting.cz

Praha, Praha 1, Vaclavske namesti 11 (Darex Centrum)

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